10 of the Best True Crime Docs on Netflix in 2023
Girl in the Picture. Suzanne Sevakis in Girl in the Picture. Courtesy of Netflix

Why Did You Kill Me?

Crystal Theobald Why Did You Kill Me netflix

Crystal Theobald pictured in Why Did You Kill Me courtesy of Netflix

This documentary concerns a mother’s search for the person who she believes is responsible for the murder of her daughter, Crystal Theobald. She was a 24-year-old mother of two living in Riverside, California, when she was murdered on February 24, 2006. In an effort to get answers about her gang-related killing, Crystal’s mother makes a fake MySpace account her daughter’s pictures in order to catfish gang members and extract information about that night. This documentary is a wild ride from start to finish, but don’t worry — it does offer some answers about what happened to Crystal. Read this story if you want spoilers. 

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