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Copy of Chalk Talk Still 3

DIY Monday: Sharpen Up Your Short Film’s Screenplay Before Page One
by Chris Durenberger

You just got a great concept for a short film. It moves you. It excites you. It scares you because it’s too good not to make, and now that responsibility rests on your shoulders. Take a deep breath. Right now it’s just a concept and any concept can be molded into a form you can […]

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DIY Monday: Script Criteria Checklist
by Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein and Laura Scheiner

As you probably know, finishing (or finding) a script is only the beginning of any moviemaker’s odyssey from page to screen. With so many different funding paths and workflows once you are in production, every moviemaker’s odyssey is different. But it all starts with the script, and there are things that many financiers look for […]

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Wisdom Wednesday: Chris Weitz’s 21 Golden Rules of Filmmaking
by Chris Weitz

This week, our Wednesday Words of Wisdom come from the Hollywood jack-of-all-trades that is Chris Weitz. The consummate professional reminds fellow moviemakers to avoid clichés and always mind their manners on set. Writer. Director. Producer. Actor. Chris Weitz has done it all. The New York-born, Cambridge-educated Weitz started his career working alongside his brother, Paul, […]

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Re-Vamping: Ten Unique Takes on Vampire Mythology
by Kyle Rupprecht

In celebration of the release of “Byzantium” this Friday, we’ve come up with a selection of ten films that put wonderfully unique spins on vampire mythology. It’s impossible to escape vampires these days. The Twilight movies, though officially brought to a close last year, are still insanely popular; the HBO series “True Blood,” which recently […]

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screenwriting tips

Screenwriting Tips: 10 Beats to a Better Beginning
by Todd Klick

As part of MovieMaker’s DIY Monday, we are excited to provide some helpful screenwriting tips from writer Todd Klick. The old adage is that a screenwriter needs to capture a reader’s attention in the first 10 pages. Wrong. It needs to happen on page one and build from there. In the documentary Bring on the […]

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From Precious to Violet & Daisy: Oscar-winning Screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher Makes His Directorial Debut
by Kyle Rupprecht

In the audacious new comedy-thriller Violet & Daisy, Saoirse Ronan and Alexis Bledel star as a pair of teenage assassins (and best friends), whose latest target—a sad sack loner (played by James Gandolfini)—leads them on a soul searching, bullet-laden journey.  Co-starring Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Danny Trejo, the hyper-stylized yet surprisingly emotional Violet & Daisy represents […]

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Jason Segel Resurrects The Muppets

Not long ago, MovieMaker Magazine caught up with Jason Segel to ask him about his role in the resurrection of The Muppets franchise. It all began innocently enough. At the end of 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall, actor-scribe Jason Segel inserted a Dracula puppet musical as both a touching coda to his witty comedy and a good excuse […]

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Equal Writes: Screenwriting challenge announces semi-finalists vying for a $2,500 option
by James Kaelan

Equal Writes, a screenwriting challenge founded by Duly Noted, Inc. and We Make Movies (and supported in part by MovieMaker) has closed the call for entries seeking, “intelligent, courageous stories forged on the intersections of race, religion and gender with voices that shape the new discussion on diversity.” The 22 semi-finalists have been announced at […]

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This Film Isn’t Real: Maja Milos’ Tiger Award-winning debut, Clip, rewrites the rules of realism
by James Kaelan

On a Saturday afternoon at AFI Fest last November, I walked into a 4:15 PM screening of a Serbian film called Clip by first-time director, Maja Milos. I knew from the press images that it was at least potentially provocative; the poster features a girl in a leopard-print dress, wet with sweat, dancing madly. But […]

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My Brother the Devil: Sally El Hosaini recounts the five-year struggle to write and direct her Sundance-winning debut
by Sally El Hosaini

All film is in some way political—whether you like it or not. It’s good to be conscious of that as a filmmaker. When I first started writing the script for My Brother the Devil, it was just after the 7/7 tube bombings in London. The way British Arabs—and British Arab youth in particular—were being portrayed […]

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