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Crowdfunder Pick: Writer Rider

Genre: Narrative Drama

Synopsis: Jess Whitmore, a disgraced political journalist fired for hacking voicemails, finds that the only job available to her is on the city police beat. Assigned to ride along with detective Jake Carter, Jess finds that Carter has a history: He was the lover of a woman whose unsolved murder still haunts his department—10 years after her death.

Jess digs into his backstory and uncovers a web of lies, twisted politics, shadowy power brokers and surprise accomplices who help her unravel the crime. The more she uncovers, the more the old guard fight back and unleash an endgame to bury any trace of their corruption.

Love, power, murder, politics and DNA weave the tangled web of this movie.


Cast: Paul Eenhoorn. Casting to take place after funding goal is reached.

Crew: Paul Eenhoorn (actor/writer), Judy Lindsay (producer), Titus Richard (director), Mahria Zook (associate producer), Jerry Jaz (social media programmer), Julia Orr (public relations), Ellison Shieh (production assistant), Ben Shahabi (camera)

About the Moviemakers: Actor/writer Paul Eenhoorn has credits on international releases such as Land Ho!, This is Martin Bonner, Max Rules, Rogue Saints and Zoo. He won the AARP award for Best Actor in a Buddy Picture in 2015, one of his many awards.

Producer Judy Lindsay is a native to Seattle and has worked in film and television since the ’90s as a producer and writer. In 2015 she won The Kennedy Center Meritorious Achievement award for her multimedia design of These Shining Lives.

Director Titus Richard is an award-winning independent filmmaker. His work has primarily consisted of music videos and short films; however, he is currently filming a feature-length documentary (expanded from one of his short documentaries) and is also in the process of developing a feature-length narrative.

Associate Producer Mahria Zook is a native of the forest lands in the Northwest, presently residing in Seattle, Washington, and likes to call herself an actor. While there are many things she’d like to accomplish, doing her best to learn and create thoughtful and nuanced characters is what she loves to do most.

Social media programmer Jerry Jaz coordinates Louisa’s Cafe Writers for Robert Ray and Jack Remick, and founded writingpractice.com. In a past life he won an award for Best Weekly Column in a Daily newspaper and successfully rewrote part of the Nevada constitution.

Julia Orr is a public relations specialist, writer and activist.

Production Assistant Ellison Shieh is a writer and filmmaker. In addition to working in a local TV station, they have also worked on a number of short films. They seek to create inclusive and compelling stories through many mediums and are currently writing a short film and a TV pilot.

Cameraman Ben Shahabi has worked as a DP since 2002. He started his career in Iran, cutting his teeth on shooting with 16mm and 35mm film cameras. After moving to the U.S. in 2012, he also started working with digital cameras and DSLRs.


A still from preliminary footage of Writer Rider

Platform: Indiegogo

Campaign End Date: May 3, 2016

“You can help me and the cast and crew stay productive and give voice to our visions of what a good movie is,” says Eenhorn. “I’ve helped others achieve their goals, and hopefully in some small way, you can help me achieve one of mine. You’re going to get an exciting story driven movie with an ensemble of characters that has a mix of diversity that reflects American society. There are three female leads, as well as a good number of supporting roles over a broad age group, and baby boomers are not relegated to playing grandparents.”


“We have chosen the lowest possible budget for the movie, but we will be happy to see it oversubscribed because that allows us a lot more choice with casting, crew, locations and post. How that pans out we will leave to you. Our desired funding goal oversubscribed is $95,000,” says Eenhorn.

“We wanted the perks to be worthwhile and fun and we thought about digital downloads, but the vote was that we still all like T-shirts and posters, mugs, selfie sticks and DVDs. We are also going to stream from the set and stream other footage from meetings, with acting tips, and behind-the-scenes footage. I hope you like what we have chosen. If we don’t reach our goal, we don’t get your money.”

Budget: “Our budget is tight. We can shoot Writer Rider for $60,000 and we can squeeze it under the wire to finish post for another $30,000. As we get a feel for our campaign’s success, we will be adding producers, cast and crew. Keep an eye out for them to be introduced on our Indiegogo page,” says Eenhorn. “The more we raise, the wider we can cast for talent, the more camera packs, lenses and equipment options we have, and the more we can do in post.” MM

Crowdfund by Visiting: Writer Rider


Writer Rider from Titus Richard on YouTube.