The upcoming Miramax movie Adventureland isn’t just limiting the fun and games to the experience within the movie theater. With the launch of the movie’s Website, a series of interactive games have been created by the popular Internet entertainment, video and gaming company Liquid Generation to garner some extra excitement around the movie. As the movie centers upon a recent college graduate who is forced into taking a job at an amusement park after he realizes he can’t afford his dream European vacation, the Internet games are modeled after some theme-park favorites like Whack-A-Mole, Skee Ball, Horse Derby and even the lesser known, Root Beer Pong.

While tie-in games have become a popular way of getting early exposure for a movie, the Adventureland games offer an extra bonus, not only giving players of the games an opportunity to see scenes from the movie early and the ability to meet the characters within the film before entering the theater but, also, a chance for players to get themselves on the Website’s “Leaderboard,” where players with the top score for each of the four games every week will win an Adventureland-branded Flip Mino camera, compliments of Pure Digital Inc.

In addition to this, users who submit their scores, from January 17, 2009 through February 13, 2009, will be entered to win the European dream vacation that the movie’s lead couldn’t afford.

Written and directed by Superbad director Greg Mottola, the film is sure to have a strong built-in buzz. But according to Craig Woerz, managing partner at Miramax Films’ Internet agency, Media Storm, the online gaming content is just another great incentive to see the movie. “We want our target audience to experience Adventureland firsthand long before they see it in theaters,” Woerz says. “The interactive carnival games enable us to align us with their interests and behaviors and speak directly to them at various online touch points. This engagement will drive them to seek more of the film’s content on”

Win a trip to Europe? Root Beer Pong just became my new favorite game. Visit to get started.