With the 2012 Sundance Film Festival now in full swing, we’ve asked some Park City-bound moviemakers one burning question: Why Sundance? Here’s what they had to say:

“We have wanted to work in film since childhood, when a summer trip to Italy led to us being featured extras in Pasolini’s Salo. From that point on, Sundance was our goal.”

—David & Nathan Zellner, Kid-Thing

“Sundance is the American Dream of filmmaking, and like the American Dream it is full of myths and lies, power and cynicism, ambition and failure and the sweet smell of success.”

—Michael Walker, Price Check

“Sundance was the first festival to really push independent filmmakers to the forefront, so it’s a thrill and an honor to be premiering Goats there. Besides, my movie is full of stoners, gurus, goats, psycho parents and weed. How could I unveil it anyplace else but Sundance?!”

—Christopher Neil, Goats

“I don’t know of anywhere better to show a film for the first time. I also haven’t been skiing since I was 12.”

—Jake Schreier, Robot and Frank

A: Because after you’ve stepped in that icy puddle, my movie is gonna seem that much more intense.

B: Because it’s more of a challenge for my movie to get under people’s skin when they’re wearing all those cool sweaters.

C: Because I’m notoriously clumsy and it seemed like a supportive environment to learn to ski.

D: Because I really, really enjoy standing in lines.”

—Craig Zobel, Compliance