White Rabbit deals with a contemporary artist’s journey, and aspects of our star Vivian Bang’s performance art. The film presented some challenges to overcome in terms of its story, and of staying true to her voice, while at the same time crafting an interesting narrative that captured similar layers and subtext as her real life work.

Our team had many conversations about what was important to us while filming White Rabbit—namely, how to tackle pressing issues authentically, such as intersectionality and marginalization and what it means to be an artist in the current political climate. As a director, I wanted to push Vivian more into the unknown, where it didn’t always feel predictable. This was a challenge at times, because you need your actor to trust what you are doing is safe, and also of quality. We worked a lot on building trust with each other as we went along, and she let go pretty quickly, which was amazing to watch. That’s why a lot of the scenes in our film feel so natural and unrehearsed: We were figuring it out every day, embracing the uncertainty.

White Rabbit Director Daryl Wein. Photograph courtesy of Mister Lister Films

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