Cari Farver
Cari Farver pictured in Lover, Stalker, Killer courtesy of Netflix

If you’ve seen Netflix’s Lover, Stalker, Killer documentary, you may be wondering what happened to Cari Farver. Warning: Spoilers follow.

A single mother to one son, Farver disappeared on Nov. 13, 2012. Her mother reported her missing, but her case remained unsolved for multiple years because people close to her continued to receive texts from her phone number.

As the documentary reveals, those texts turned out to be fraudulently written and sent by Shanna “Liz” Golyar, who was convicted of Farver’s murder in 2018.

What Happened to Cari Farver?

As Lover, Stalker, Killer explains, Golyar and Farver met briefly at the home of Dave Kroupa, an auto mechanic they were both casually dating around the same time in 2012.

But what started as just an awkward love triangle soon turned into a true-crime nightmare.

For most of Lover, Stalker, Killer, it seems as if Cari Farver was the one sending texts of an increasingly hostile nature to both Kroupa and Golyar. When Golyar’s home was set on fire, police continued to suspect Farver of arson. But as they continued to investigate the case, they began to question whether Farver was still alive. Her apartment had been abandoned, along with all of her belongings, in Nov. 2012, and despite texts still being sent from her phone number, she hadn’t been seen in person by anyone, including her family, in years.

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Police found the evidence they needed to charge Golyar with Farver’s murder when they discovered a horrifying photo taken by Golyar that appeared to be of Farver’s deceased body.

In emails written by Golyar impersonating Kroupa’s ex-partner Amy Flora, Golyar confessed to stabbing Farver to death and disposing of her body. Supporting this confession, police found evidence of a large quantity of blood soaked into one of the seats in Farver’s car.

At a bench trial in 2018, Golyar pleaded not-guilty but was ultimately convicted of first degree murder, and of second degree arson for burning down her own home. She was sentenced to life in prison for Farver’s murder and was given a consecutive 18-20 year sentence for arson. Golyar’s attorney, James Martin Davis, died in 2021 and could not be reached for comment.

Cari Farver’s body has never been found.

Lover, Stalker, Killer is now streaming on Netflix.

Main Image: Cari Farver pictured in Lover, Stalker, Killer courtesy of Netflix