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Website Lets You Create Your Truman Show

Website Lets You Create Your Truman Show

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Ed Harris’ character Christof in Peter Weir’s Oscar-nominated The Truman Show put the appeal of reality television into words when he said, “It isn’t always Shakespeare, but it’s genuine. It’s a life.” Drawing from this line of thinking (and its title), Your Truman Show gives moviemakers the chance to tell their own very personal, very real stories to an audience hungry to hear them.

This free online video uploading service combines user-generated videos with social networking. “Today, we have the first online service focused on personal stories to marry some of the key aspects of video blogging with the ease of consumption of the major online video services,” says Your Truman Show CEO and co-founder Arturo Artom.

Your Truman Show’s V-link navigation system allows users to connect episodes into series and create ongoing storylines. The online community, in turn, reviews and ranks the videos, offering their comments along the way “so that content producers have a more targeted audience and viewers can more easily find the content they are interested in,” says Artom.

In addition, some of the top ranking videos will be promoted to Hollywood producers, aiding cinematographers in the distribution of their ideas.

This tool for audiovisual autobiography is taking online video beyond YouTube in order to shine the spotlight on budding cinematographers. By helping aspiring DPs create online reality series, Your Truman Show gives them a chance to capitalize on the power of the Internet and find a niche for their work.

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