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MovieMaker Magazine is proud to announce that we are hosting video-on-demand films right here on! Now you can watch some of the year’s most fascinating, highly recommended new releases without having to leave your house— or step outside of the MovieMaker community!

Our hosting of these films comes courtesy of the revolutionary VOD upstart Yekra, whose intriguing and varied slate of VOD releases stands for everything we love about independent film: their model is democratic, DIY and cutting edge. Being an affiliate means that MovieMaker receives a small percentage of the rental fees from viewers who watch them through our site. Your choice to rent the film on our website is a way to share your appreciation for MovieMaker—without paying anything more than you already would to see it! We will be curating other films we love in the coming weeks and months, and giving you the opportunity to instantly watch the films you read about right here. The majority of these films are not available on Netflix. This is a unique opportunity to see some of the films we think have managed to live up to MovieMaker‘s standards. Watch now!

Yekra Theater

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