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Crowdfunder Pick:WARped”

Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller

Synopsis: A soldier from the future travels back in time to prevent a massive genocide.

Cast: Chad Faust, Catie LeOrisa

Crew: Phillip Jordan Brooks (writer/director/producer), Byron Taylor (producer), Michael Din (producer), Glen Grefe (line producer), Akis Konstantakopoulos (cinematographer), Wade Marshall (composer)

“‘WARped’ is a project I’ve been developing with my producing partners for over a year now,” says Brooks. “It’s a very suspenseful and topical film. I can’t reveal too much without spoiling, but in a similar way to The Matrix, The Twilight Zone and, most recently, Black Mirror, the concepts involving time travel, technology and the sociopolitical arena will stay with you long after the final credits.”

Writer-director Phillip Brooks (in black) on the set of “This is a Microphone”

About the Moviemaker: Phillip Jordan Brooks was born in Shreveport, Louisiana. He has a bachelor’s degree from Centenary College of Louisiana, where he studied film and acting. In 2008, he began working professionally in the film industry in location management, which he still does today. He has produced and directed several short films, two of which have been finalists in the Louisiana Film Prize: “This is a Microphone” and “Ruby and the Dragon.”

Currently, he lives and works in Los Angeles while producing a web series and finishing production on Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg’s next big film.

Platform: Kickstarter

Campaign End Date: April 13, 2017

Request: “We are asking for $35,000 that will get us all the way through post production, festivals and marketing,” says Brooks. “The amount budgeted is also to cover the expense of shooting in Shreveport. Since several of our crew and talent will be coming from Los Angeles, we will need airfare and accommodations to shoot there. We are aiming to make the highest-quality short film we can so that upon completion, we will be able to pitch it to investors and production companies for conversion into a feature-length film. ‘WARped’ was originally written as a feature film and this will be our proof-of-concept.”

In addition to shooting in Shreveport, the film will be entered into the Louisiana Film Prize for 2017.

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Crowdfund by visiting: “WARped”