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Warner Home Video Invites You to Upgrade to Blu-Ray

Warner Home Video Invites You to Upgrade to Blu-Ray

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Did those bloody format wars leave you with an all-but-obsolete HD DVD player and a healthy collection of red HD DVD discs? Do you feel a pang of envy every time you hear the words “Now on Blu-ray”? Warner Bros. has the answer to your problems with its two new programs: “Warnerblu Buy 5 Get 1 Free” and “Red2Blu.” 

Warner Home Video’s Red2Blu program allows subscribers to trade in their Warner HD DVDs for Blu-rays of the same title, for only $4.95 plus a $6.95 shipping and handling fee per order; it may not be as cheap as one would like, but at least it’s some relief from full-price, high definition home entertainment.

Then, once you’ve kick-started your brand new Blu-ray collection, take advantage of the Warnerblu Buy 5 Get 1 Free deal. Until April 6, 2010, you can get one free Blu-ray DVD with every five Warner Home Video Blu-ray’s you purchase. Jim Carrey’s latest success Yes Man, released on Blu-ray April 7, was the first participating release, followed by He’s Just Not That Into You, Gran Torino and many more. By signing up for the program, customers can also enter the “Blu-ray Today” sweepstakes, which offers a grand prize of $5,000. Customers can then continue to enter the sweepstakes, which runs until April 6, 2010, once daily to further their chances at being the grand prize winner. 

For more information on the Buy 5 Get 1 Free program, including a daily updated list of participating films, visit And for you HD DVD owners out there interested in the Red2Blu program, visit

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