Over the past few years, Vimeo has become the Website of choice for moviemakers wishing to showcase their work online and connect with other artists. In addition to acting as a screening platform, the site has a history of supporting moviemakers’ professional growth through the Vimeo Video School and promoting collaboration through community projects. The latest example of Vimeo’s quest to help moviemakers create better films is the recently-launched Vimeo Music Store, where moviemakers can find the perfect tracks to accompany their visual masterpieces.

“Finding music to use in your videos can be extremely hard,” says Blake Whitman, Vimeo’s vice president of creative development. “The Music Store allows users to easily discover, download and/or purchase tracks without ever needing to leave Vimeo.”

The Vimeo Music Store has in its library over 45,000 tracks covering a variety of different genres (including nerdcore, rockabilly and Balkan along with more frequently-heard genres like rock, classical and techno). Moviemakers have the option of downloading many songs for free under a Creative Commons license, though licenses are also available for purchase. A big provider of tracks to the Vimeo Music Store is the music licensing agency Audiosocket, which specializes in promoting up-and-coming bands, composers and record labels from around the world.

To find out more about the Vimeo Music Store, and to browse through their extensive catalog, head over to vimeo.com/musicstore.