DVD Release: January 27
PG-13; 96 minutes

Rebecca Hall is Vicky. Scarlett Johansson is Cristina. Barcelona is where the two best friends are spending the summer. Engaged to be married, Vicky is studying for her Masters degree in Catalan Identity. Cristina is a footloose photographer/moviemaker, presently doing nothing, who is up for anything. So when Juan Antonio (Javier Bardem), a bohemian painter approaches them with an offer of a weekend of sex and adventure, Vicky is insulted, but Cristina is ready to go. So the girls get onto Antonio’s plane and head for the town of Oviedo. There, Vicky studies the beautiful artifacts of the small village while Cristina and Antonio hit the bed. But when Cristina comes down with food poisoning, Vicky and Antonio go sightseeing and guess what happens? Later, Cristina gets well, moves in with Antonio and becomes involved in a strange relationship when Antonio’s ex-wife Maria Elena (Penélope Cruz) enters the picture. Woody Allen’s intelligent script is enhanced by fine performances and breathtaking scenery.

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