directed by Stephen Daldry
DVD Release: April 14, 2009
R; 122 minutes

When 15-year-old Michael Berg (David Kross) gets sick in front of the apartment of Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslet), she cleans him up and walks him home. A few weeks later he returns to her place to thank her and they begin a months long affair, even though she is twice his age. Each day she asks him to read to her. He falls in love, and is therefore heartbroken when he shows up one day, and she has mysteriously disappeared. Eight years later, as a law student, he attends a trial to find that Hanna is accused of Nazi war crimes, to which she admits and for which she is sent to prison for life. Years later, Michael (Ralph Fiennes) is divorced, the father of a grown daughter and a successful attorney, but still can’t get Hanna out of his mind. He knows a secret about her, but won’t share it. So how can he come to terms with himself?

DVD Extras: Deleted Scenes; Featurettes include “Making of” and “Kate Winslet On The Art Of Aging Hanna Schmitz.”

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