DVD Release: May 12, 2009

PG-13; 133 minutes

He loves his daughter very much, never missing her birthday. But Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson), a specially skilled government spy, was hardly ever around. His wife (Famke Janssen) left him and remarried a wealthy man with whom his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace), now 17 years old, has also established a strong relationship. Now Bryan has retired and moved to California to spend more time with Kim. Overprotective and very concerned about her safety, he reluctantly agrees to give her permission to travel out of the country. When she forgets to call him upon landing in Paris, he calls her just as she is being kidnapped by a gang of Albanian traffickers of young girls. Mills must use all the skills he has learned to follow her tracks, seeking out the men who have abducted her for immoral purposes. He’s a smart, tough and clever guy, and this is an excellent action-packed thriller.

DVD Extras: 2-disc has Commentary with director Pierre Morel, writer Robert Mark Kamen and cinematographers Michel Abramowicz and Michel Julienne; Making-of Featurette; Inside Action: Side by Side Comparisons feature which looks at six different sequences.

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