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Video Views Pick: Revolutionary Road

Video Views Pick: Revolutionary Road

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directed by Sam Mendes

DVD Release Date: June 2, 2009

R; 119 minutes

When they met at the close of World War II, April (Kate Winslet) was an aspiring actress. Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio) had no ambition, except to return to Paris, where as a soldier he felt excitement. Several years and two children later, the Wheelers are living in a quiet Connecticut suburb. April is a housewife; Frank was sitting behind a desk at a go-nowhere job in the city. April is miserable and bitter about her failure as an actress and being a prisoner in her home; Frank is bored and frustrated, leading to a brief affair with a secretary. Frank has no clue as to what to do, but April decides they should move to Paris.Then comes a promotion and another pregnancy, and their Paris plans are put in jeopardy. This powerful, gut-wrenching drama also features Kathy Bates as their naïve neighbor and Michael Shannon as her mentally disturbed son… the only one who could see through the Wheeler’s problems. 

DVD Extras: Commentary includes director Sam Mendes; Making-of featurette.

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