directed by Paul McGuigan
PG-13; 111 minutes

What if the world was full of people with special, supernatural talents that could be used for good or evil? Push is about those people and the Division, the organization that tries to control them. Cassie (Dakota Fanning) is a “watcher”; she can see into the future. Nick (Chris Evans) is a “mover”; a telekinetic who, unfortunately, is out of practice. The Division, run by powerful “pusher” Henry Carver (Djimon Hounsou), is after these people because they can lead to Kira (Camilla Belle), a woman who has fled with a syringe full of a critically important serum. In addition to the “pushers,” who can make people do stuff against their will, there are “sniffers,” “feelers,” “screamers” and “shifters,” whose powers are used to track Cassie and Nick down. But it’s not just the Division they have to avoid: There’s a Hong Kong family with stronger powers that also chases them through a deadly trail of twists and turns.

DVD Extras: Commentary; Deleted Scenes; “The Science Behind the Fiction” Featurette.

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