DVD Release: December 21

CIA analyst Oswald Cox (John Malkovich) is a very angry man. He has just been demoted and his wife, Katie (Tilda Swinton), doesn’t listen to anything he says. She’s too busy with other things, like her affair with Harry Pfarrer (George Clooney), a married man who also surfs the Internet for women to hook up with. Having quit his job, Oswald is now writing his memoirs, a computer disc of which is found by the cleaning man at Hardbodies Fitness Center. Two of the trainers there, Linda Litzke (Frances McDormand) and Chad Feldheimer (Brad Pitt), think the disc contains top secret information and see an opportunity for blackmail. Linda is especially intent on getting money for a series of cosmetic surgeries, and pushes Chad into confronting Oswald, as well as searching his house for more of this “damaging evidence” to sell to the Russians. Meanwhile Linda, also a date surfer, hooks up with Harry, and the plot turns into a riotous farce. With Richard Jenkins.

DVD Extras: Three featurettes (Finding the Burn: The Making of Burn After Reading; DC Insiders Run Amuck; Welcome Back, George. The Blu-ray release will include all that, along with additional BD-Live features.

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