DVD Release: March 3

PG-13; 165 minutes

Nullah (Brandon Walters) is a half-caste aborigine boy, in jeopardy of being picked up by Northern Australia authorities and sent to a remote mission island. He tells us of Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman) who, in 1939, came from England to the remote outpost on which he was living, in order to sell it. What she found, however, was that her husband had been killed and her foreman, Neil Fletcher (David Wenham), was stealing from her on behalf of ruthless and monopolistic cattleman King Carney (Bryan Brown). Firing Fletcher and turning for help to a rough, tough guy named Drover (Hugh Jackman), she casts aside her prissy aristocratic ways in an attempt to save the ranch and the fate of little Nullah, the grandson of a mystical aborigine chief (David Gulpilil). But she must face poisoned water, fires, dust, deser, and an attack by the Japanese to do so. Romance with Drover gives her even more reason to succeed.

DVD Extras: Two deleted scenes.

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