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Video Views Pick: Doubt

Video Views Pick: Doubt

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PG-13; 104 minutes
DVD Release: April 7, 2009

St. Nicholas Catholic Church in the Bronx is headed by Father Flynn (Philip Seymour Hoffman), and its school by Principal Sister Alyoisius (Meryl Streep). To say that the two of them disagree on how the school should be run would be an understatement. It’s 1964, and Father Flynn feels they need to loosen up and become more modern; Sister Alyoisius feels strongly that discipline and strict adherence to the old ways is mandatory. So when meek young Sister James (Amy Adams) senses that Father Flynn may have behaved improperly with one of the boys, she shares the information with the Principal, who jumps on it with both feet. The priest’s explanation satisfies Sister James, but Sister Alyoisius has her certainty about his guilt, even though not a shred of evidence exists. When she discusses it with the boy’s mother (Viola Davis), more information is revealed. That this is one of the most powerful films of the year… there is no doubt!

DVD Extras: Commentary; Featurettes include “From Stage to Screen” and “The Cast of Doubt”

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