Unsolved Mysteries Director Talks New Info in Josh Guimond Case
Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3. Joshua Guimond in Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3 courtesy of Netflix

What Happened to Josh?, the sixth episode of Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 3, follows the missing person case of 20-year-old St. John’s University student Josh Guimond who disappeared without a trace after a college party on Nov. 9, 2002. The episode’s director, Gabe Torres, is still reeling from the “tragic” nature of Josh Guimond’s death — and hopeful that recently uncovered information about the case might finally answer the question of what really happened to Josh on that cold November evening.

“After a party one night, he walked home toward his dorm and was never seen again,” Torres told MovieMaker. “There is no clue as to what happened to him, and there’s nothing to indicate that he ran away.”

However, “there is new information that has come up, and we have gone back and looked at that and we are portraying that [in the episode],” he added. “We were able to access versions of Josh’s hard drive that were not accessible in 2002 and see what was there, and it does give some insight into who he was, and also what might have happened.”

The episode calls for several people to come forward whose photos were found along with chat conversations on Josh’s computer hard drive from 2002. The most perplexing detail about the chat conversations is that they were wiped from Guimond’s computer using a washing software a few days after his disappearance in 2002, and were only recently rediscovered with the help of new technology.

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Torres thinks the chats might be the key to solving Guimond’s case.

“There are a lot of different theories proposed in the show and there are many different threads. It was a complicated story to tell. But what I thought was going to be more of a whodunit, as I got into it, became more of a, ‘Who is Josh?'” he said. “I discovered who Josh was and how important he was to these people. And I think that our audience is really going to be touched by who this young man was and what he meant to his family and friends. The lost potential was so tragic.”

The first six episodes of Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 3 are now streaming on Netflix. The final three episodes will drop on Nov. 1. 

Main Image: Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3. Josh Guimond in Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3 courtesy of Netflix