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Tropic Thunder Storms Box Office for Second Week

Tropic Thunder Storms Box Office for Second Week

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Tropic Thunder remained king of the box office for its second weekend in theaters, pulling in $16.1 million.

The number two and three spots both went to new films. The House Bunny, a ditzy comedy starring Anna Faris, came in a close second with $15.1 million, while Paul W.S. Anderson’s action-thriller Death Race brought in $12.3 million.

The Dark Knight managed to keep a strong hold on box office sales in its sixth weekend in theaters, earning $10.3 million and coming in at number four. This is the most impressive movie of the summer, raking in a whopping total of $489.18 million and becoming the second highest-grossing film of all-time (Titanic holds the top spot with more than $600 million).

Star Wars: The Clone Wars slipped from the number three spot to number five, making a modest $5.67 million.

Will Tropic Thunder manage to hold its reign over the box office next weekend? Or will Disaster Movie, the latest spoof comedy to hit theaters, be able to claw its way to the top? Find out in next week’s Top of the Box Office report.

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