Connecticut has quietly been positioning itself as the cost-efficient alternative to the favored film scenes of neighboring New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. At the heart of this trend is the burgeoning Tripeg Studios, a 20,000 square foot movie production titan, which opened its doors in Hamden in 2004.

Among the facilities at Tripeg are three soundstages, an on-site production office and a Final Cut HD post-production suite. In addition, thereâ€(tm)s an in-house crew boasting experienced professionals for all a moviemakerâ€(tm)s production needs—from producers and music composers to pyrotechnicians and specialty carpenters. In just two years the studio has established itself—and its home state—as “a viable destination for heavyweight media producers,â€? says studio manager Andrew Gernhard. Along with films from nearby Yale University students, the studio has recently hosted productions by HBO, ABC News Productions and several music videos and political ad campaigns.

Tripeg has led the self-proclaimed “Land of the Sleeping Giantâ€? to become “somewhat of a ‘hubâ€(tm) for new production services,â€? according to Gernhard. “There is good support from local government and producers can rely on a ‘can doâ€(tm) response with area businesses.â€? Between the advantages of the state-of-the art fledgling studio and Connecticutâ€(tm)s 30 percent tax credit, you now have no excuse to just pass through.

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Sound Off:
Tripeg Studios plays host to screenwriting workshops with industry veteran Peter Fox—just another way Tripeg is bringing the moviemaking community to Connecticut. Do you think Connecticut could soon become the next indie moviemaking hotspot?

—Mallory Potosky