The indie film Sidewalk Traffic is raising funds on RocketHub to fund their post-production needs.’s Trailblazer Tuesday brings together industry and fringe innovation — moviemaking at its most pioneering. Every first and third Tuesday, our editors will select an online film campaign to endorse as our official Crowdfunder of the Week: a moviemaking cause that we feel deserves the awareness of a wider public. Every second and fourth Tuesday, on the other hand, we’ll spotlight a company or technological advancement that is changing the landscape of moviemaking on its own terms. This independent, revolutionary, relentlessly creative work is the heart of what MovieMaker is about.

MovieMaker is excited to present Sidewalk Traffic as its first Trailblazer Tuesday featured crowdfunding campaign. In just 15 days, writer/director Anthony L. Fisher and crew were able to shoot their dramedy, Sidewalk Traffic, in bustling New York City. That being said, Fisher is now using RocketHub, a self-described “world crowdfunding machine,” to raise $25,000, a sum necessary to fund the post-production of his nearly-finished film.

The film follows a struggling Big Apple filmmaker burdened with both personal and professional baggage. Freshly unemployed and suddenly thrust into full-time fatherhood, he relentlessly endures the abuse that comes along with life in “the industry.” This angle makes Sidewalk Traffic “infuriatingly relevant,” as its RocketHub page puts it, to many moviemakers striving to make their way into the business. The film stars Erin Darke (featured in this year’s Sundance hit Kill Your Darlings) and Johnny Hopkins. Also appearing are Samm Levine (Freaks and Geeks, Inglorious Basterds), Heather Matarazzo (Welcome to the Dollhouse, The Princess Diaries) and legendary MTV News host Kurt Loder.

Donations made to Sidewalk Traffic’s post-productions fund will contribute to sound design, color correction, and soundtrack usage and rights, as well as the cost of submitting to film festivals. Donors of certain amounts will receive anything from a Facebook shout-out to free digital copies of the finished film to a private NYC screening capping out at $5,000 for a Co-Executive Producing title. Currently, the film has received more than $7,500 in donations covering the first 30 percent of their targeted budget of $25,000 with just over two weeks to go (the campaign ends July 12th 2013).

“At our budget level, every dollar counts,” appeals Fisher.

To donate to or learn more about Sidewalk Traffic’s crowdfunding campaign, click here. For more on the film, check out their Facebook page.

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