We’ve been trying to figure out how silly it would be to feature this viral marketing campaign for Devil’s Due as our Trailblazer Tuesday post of the week – and decided it was perfectly legitimate.


For 20th Century Fox’s upcoming release of the Matt Bettinelli-Olpin/Tyler Gillet-directed horror flick Devil’s Due, the studio employed the creatives at video marketing agency Thinkmodo to mastermind a live stunt campaign equal parts abominable and hilarious. They built a remote-controlled stroller containing a mechanical baby which had the ability to not only blink, but also projectile vomit at the unsuspecting New Yorkers who ventured to approach it. Earlier this month, the carriage apparently steered itself around the wintry streets of New York, scaring concerned citizens to death.

Kudos to Fox and to Thinkmodo for coming up with such a unique, interactive and memorable marketing campaign – one that, while physically restricted to Manhattan, has garnered national (perhaps international) attention through word of mouth. In terms of independent filmmakers creating campaigns for their own projects, we wonder how much the manufacture of this mechanized demon baby cost – and how much the stunt will actually drum up ticket sales for the film, opening this weekend on January 17th.

Nevertheless, it’s so stupidly enjoyable to watch people scream and recoil from an evil, drooling baby, that we thought we’d share the fun.

Devil’s Due stars Alison Miller and Zach Gilford and opens this Friday, January 17, 2014. Official trailer below. MM

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