Our Crowdfunder Pick of the Week is Film Critic: The Movie, a comedy about following your passions in a way that can only be described as a cross between Christopher Guest and Calvin & Hobbes.

Film reviewer Laremy Legel wrote a book called Film Critic when he realized that there were no books about how to be a film critic. He had been writing reviews for a while and wanted to hone his craft, so to speak, but found little available in the way of guides. So he wrote one himself. Now, Legel is eager to make that book into a feature-length film focusing on the funny side of film criticism.

Legel claims that this new movie will be “just a little something to break the monotony of all those hardcore superhero films” (like a DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince video, let’s say). Of course the project hit home with us: at MovieMaker, we know first-hand exactly how “funny” being a film critic can be.

Laremy Legel Film Critic The Movie 2

Film Critic: The Movie will be a narrative project and will star Legel as, most likely, an exaggerated version of himself. Says Legel on the film’s Kickstarter page, “The film will give me a much better chance to make fun of myself, to play the fool, and (hopefully) to force my fellow brothers and sisters-in-arms to help me produce a great comedy.”

Production on Film Critic: The Movie will be overseen by Tall Tale Productions, with whom Legel worked on the film Whoop Dreams, as well as several local production crews and, when necessary, some good old-fashioned guerrilla filmmakers. All of this will be accomplished for around $3,000. The film will also be shot in five key locations: San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, and Singapore.

Check out the pitch video starring Legel himself:

Campaigners: Laremy Legel

Target Amount: $12,000

Amount Currently Raised:$4,403

Campaign Closing Date: May 16, 2014

Funding Goes Toward: Gear such as lenses and an alternate camera for multiple shots, actors, music clearances, travel, all post-production, and festival submission fees.

Donor Reward Highlights:

+$35 or more: a five minute chat on Skype with Legel about whatever you want. I imagine he’s quite funny. Also, if you think he’s cute this would be a great way to break the ice. You’ll also get a digital download of the film.

+$100 or more:  A limited edition signed hardcover of “The Making of Film Critic: The Movie”. Leder assures is that it is perfect for our coffee table, ottoman, or really large sheepdog. You’ll also get a digital download of the film.

+ $250 or more: You get to name a character! Might I suggest “Tubby Wadsworth”? You’ll also get a digital download of the film. MM

Visit the Film Critic: The Movie Kickstarter campaign page here.

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