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Trailblazer Tuesday Crowdfunder of the Week: Big Bad Art
by Haven Goldstein and Alexandra Eide


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  • by Haven Goldstein and Alexandra Eide
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  • by Haven Goldstein and Alexandra Eide
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  • This week MovieMaker is delving into the world of contemporary artwork with Big Bad Art, a lively documentary about one artist’s struggle to complete the defining project of his career: a house party. That’s right, a beer keg, blasting stereo, writhing bodies-filled house party.


    Although such a project may appear contradictory to generally held notions of “art,” it emerges from the rapidly evolving art scene where real people and real places are no longer supporting characters but the main attractions. The artist, Andrew Ohanesian, takes viewers behind the scenes as he conceptualizes and constructs a life size suburban style house, all within the confines of an underground Brooklyn art gallery. The piece’s success hinges on the party-going participants who will transform Ohanesian’s structure into the rager—I mean live installation—that he envisioned.

    With a gang of comedic characters, including Bumfight, Pedro, and Whimpy the Intern, this movie is far from your average educational or inspirational documentary. Rather, it is an entertaining and laugh-packed film that redefines the meaning of artwork, while also functioning as a social commentary on the American Dream as a reality. In the words of Ohanesian himself, “This reality of equity and ownership is revealed to be an illusion and the desire to sustain that illusion or the hope of constructing anything real is shattered.” His project, “The House Party,” reinforces this idea through its deceptively “rooted”  (though actually transient) nature.

    Filmed last summer by producer Ben Cannon and his cameraman Brendan Swift, the filmmakers have the raw footage, just not the finished product. All they need now is funding for the finishing touches (editing, graphics, music, etc.) and Ohanesian’s installation will bring audiences the thrill of a party without the hangover or property damage that comes with it.

    If you are a fan of the classic ‘80s party movies, like Porky’s and Bachelor Party, or more recent features like Project X, Big Bad Art should not disappoint. According to the filmmakers’ Kickstarter, their film includes “an appearance by the FDNY that’s so unbelievable, even Spielberg would’ve included it in Lincoln if it would have been an option.”

    Synopsis: A documentary about Andrew Ohanesian’s contemporary art extravaganza “The House Party,” including the creation and completion of his project.

    Campaigners: Ben Cannon (Producer)

    Target Amount: $15,000

    Amount Currently Raised: $8,745

    Campaign Opening Date: Aug 29, 2013

    Campaign Closing Date: Sep 18, 2013 (10 days)

    Funding Goes Toward: Funds are going towards editing, color correction, graphics, sound design, music costs and film festival entry fees.


     Donor Reward Highlights:

    $25: A high-definition download of the movie.

    $50: A limited edition print by Pedro, Andrew’s creative consultant.

    $100: A private screening with the cast and filmmakers.

    $250: A date with Pedro in Brooklyn, NY.

    $500: Throw a party at Mandies, the world’s tiniest dive bar (another Andrew Ohanesian creation).

    $1,000: A limited-edition sculpture by Jon Kessler titled “Fishin’ and Drinkin’” along with a personalized note from Jon Kessler.

    $5,000:  An executive producer credit.

    To check out Big Bad Art’s Kickstarter page, click here.

    Moviemakers, keep them coming! We welcome any crowdfunder campaign submissions for spotlighting consideration in our Trailblazer Tuesday series. Email with your pitch! Help us to help you get your films made.

    To subscribe to MovieMaker Magazine, click here.

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