april-5.jpgOn this day in 2004, film began rolling for The Chumscrubber, Arie Posen’s social critique on modern suburban life. Co-written by Posen and Zac Stanford, the movie takes its name from the pop culture sphere of the story’s fictional upper-middle class town. Death and deception feature greatly in this tale about adult/adolescent communication and the great common denominator in modern-day society: Drugs. The Chumscrubber hit Sundance in 2005 with its all-star cast, including Jamie Bell, Glenn Close, Rory Culkin, Ralph Fiennes, Lou Taylor Pucci and Allison Janney. By August of that year it reached U.S. audiences in limited release.

Quotable: “I live in a city, but in an apartment high above the cloud left by the blast. I’m one of the lucky ones. One morning, I awoke to find my head no longer attached to my body. I’m not dead, but who could call this a life? So I do what I can, in this city of freaks and subhuman creatures. I became… The Chumscrubber.” –living in suburbia, as summed-up in the movie The Chumscrubber.