paristexas.jpgWim Wenders’ Paris, Texas finished shooting on this day in 1983. Released the following year, Wenders’ tale of a man suffering from amnesia and attempting to reunite his family is perhaps the best known of the German moviemaker’s oeuvre. The movie stars Harry Dean Stanton as the amnesiac Travis and Nastassja Kinski, who also partnered with Wenders on 1975’s The Wrong Movement and 1993’s Faraway, So Close, as his wife. The film went on to win the 1985 BAFTA award for Best Direction and the 1984 Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

Quotable: “When we wrote Paris, Texas together, I always assumed that Sam [Shepard] would play Travis in the end. But he steadfastly refused, with the argument that he knew the character too well as a writer and therefore couldn’t also play him. And then Harry Dean Stanton was so good that he eventually made me forget my initial desire.” – Wim Wenders, MovieMaker’s Hands-on-Pages, Issue #39 (Read the full interview here.)