marlenedietrich.jpgScreen star Marlene Dietrich was born on this day in 1901. The German actress made her film debut in 1923, after a wrist injury derailed her promising future as a violinist. In 1930 Dietrich landed a role in The Blue Angel, Germany’s first talkie; later that year she moved to Hollywood and received her only Oscar nomination for Morocco, co-starring Gary Cooper. By 1936 Dietrich was the highest paid actress in the business. But her success was short-lived and she found herself in need of a comeback. Destry Rides Again (1939) paired her with James Stewart and got her a new contract at Universal. Her career continued until 1979 when she went into seclusion in France. Dietrich passed away from kidney failure in May of 1992.

Film Star Factoid: Dietrich’s sister was a Nazi sympathizer in Germany during WWII. The actress, meanwhile, was awarded a Medal of Freedom for her contributions to the United States’ war efforts.