may_3.jpgIt was on this day in 1971 that Bobby Cannavale was born in Union City, NJ. After high school, the Cuban-Italian joined the Circle Repertory Theatre in New York City and used the experiences as his acting school. His time was spent performing many duties, including janitorial work, just for the opportunity to one day earn his way to the stage. He finally got the chance in Paul Rudd’s Most Fabulous Story Ever Told. Cannavale’s early career involved many television shows, including “Third Watch” and “Ally McBeal.” In 1996 the actor made his screen debut as walk-on in I’m Not Rappaport. Since then, Cannavale’s resume has expanded to include Washington Heights, Fast Food Nation, 10 Items or Less, opposite Robin Williams in The Night Listener and most notably in the 2003 Sundance Audience Award-winner, The Station Agent, with co-stars Peter Dinklage and Patricia Clarkson. In 2005 the actor won an Emmy award for his guest stint as Will Truman’s boyfriend on “Will & Grace.”

Bobby Cannavale has made a career out of niche independent films and New York-centered television shows (typically as gay men). Look for him next in Spike Lee’s 2007 television pilot, “M.O.N.Y.”