Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato
Fenton Bailey (right) and Randy Barbato (center)
on the set of Party Monster.

Don’t shoot party scenes.

Don’t expect people to return your calls.

Whatever happens, don’t take it personally.

Always have lots of Red Bull on the set.

After people tell you they have “problems” with your
script, let it sit for a month, change the title sheet and send
it out telling everyone you’ve done a major “re-write”—you will
be amazed how much their perception changes!

Pitches are a waste of time. Whenever possible go
the DIY route (do-it-yourself)!

Listen to everyone around you—but not too much.

Always have a back-up plan cause everything that can
go wrong, will.

Spend a lot of time picking a smart and likeable cast—they are your collaborators.

Gee whiz, just surround yourself with smart and likeable people!


Make sure to save time to go to the movies while you’re
shooting—it reminds you why you’re doing it all!

Make sure your set photographer takes lots of pictures!