Don’t take it too seriously.

The chances of getting rich from an indie movie are
so slim that you might as well consider it to be zero, so instead
have some fun doing it.

Art is long. Movies are short.

I think you should cut 10 minutes out after every
screening. Then put some of it back in when people complain. DVD
extras are a good repository for scenes that didn’t quite work.
Hopefully you have the strength to cut it before the really bad
reviews come out. After you transfer to 35mm it’s too late to work
on the script. Why don’t you make some short films before starting
your epic feature?

Know problem.

I like Know Problem vs. No Problem. Things go wrong.
It’s good to play around with the editing system before you start
shooting. Better understand the technology or something bad is going
to happen.

Don’t believe what you read on the Internet.

He might sound like an expert, but in reality it’s
a 12-year old misquoting a 13-year old’s Website.

If it looks bad on TV, it’s going to look bad on

I wish I could have been there when you set that shot

If you spent five years making this movie,
why do you want it transferred in two weeks?

You can have it good, cheap or fast—pick any two.

You are NOT going to get into Sundance.

I’m not saying don’t try—but don’t pin all your hopes
on it.

Don’t take it too seriously.

Always good to mention that twice!