The Station Agent
Peter Dinklage, Patricia Clarkson and Bobby
Cannavale star in Tom McCarthy’s The Station Agent.

Have a lot of screenings.

Show the rough cut every week or two to a bunch of people who
haven’t read the script. Then listen to their feedback about what
isn’t working and what isn’t clear. It may be painful to hear the
critiques, but get over it. Then take all the info back to the
edit room and figure out what to do.

Be flexible.

Things change. And change. And change. Roll with it.

Make sacrifices.

If you haven’t edited a feature yet and you want to, you may have
to cut your rate or edit in some far-off country in order to get
a good opportunity.

Listen to that little voice.

Sometimes you get this tiny feeling, like the hint of a twinge
of a feeling that something is off with a scene or a storyline.
Listen to it. Mull it over. There may be some issue that wouldn’t
surface for months, if ever. Other people aren’t going to tell
you everything. The film is counting on you to search for the right

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