Kelley Baker
Kelley Baker consults with an actor on his latest film.

Believe no one. I learned not to believe anyone. It’s unfortunate, but all of those “friends” who said they would help me find a distributor or an agent basically lied to me.  Maybe they didn’t do it intentionally, but they didn’t help.

Especially the media… I don’t believe the media, with their flavor-of-the-month indie filmmaker picks, and I wish other people wouldn’t either. Those of us who are still out here making true independent movies have only ourselves to rely on.  

DIY. I am in debt because I foolishly believed people, and I won’t do that again, even if it means making small, self-funded features for the rest of my career.  I’m a filmmaker, an angry one, but a filmmaker nonetheless, and I am going to just make my films and self-distribute them. I know my audience is out there and I don’t need some fucking  star  to bring people to my films. Rely on good storytelling and honest filmmaking and they will come.