Halle Berry and Coronji Calhoun
Halle Berry and Coronji Calhoun in Monster’s Ball.

Break down the ego and create from truth.

You need to tear yourself down and create from a clean place where nothing is certain and vision can grow. When you let your ego interfere your only hindering your art and limiting yourself in your abilities.

Pay attention to detail.

Detail of performance, detail of visuals, of rhythm of scenes. You need to be aware of everything around you and never neglect the intricacies.


Learn to understand the people around you and how to communicate your vision to them in a way they can understand and give back to you in the fullest. Know what actors need, when to talk to them, how to talk to them. Same with the departments. It’s only when you communicate that you can establish trust. And when there’s trust, everyone can create to the best of their ability.