Be a dreamer.

Successful filmmaking requires the temperament of an industrial dreamer—someone who can sustain a vision, given lots of work.

Don’t underestimate.

Many moviemakers underestimate the magnitude of project management required in making a film. Plan every aspect of the production, and allow for uncertainty.

Lighting is everything.

Good lighting and composition is so important and often overlooked, particularly when the action steals the scene.

Choose your colors wisely.

Choose video-safe colors and avoid high-contrast scenes. Polarizing filters are easy fixes for outdoor conditions.

Learn to use manual settings on cameras.

Invest in an external microphone.

Take the time to organize.

Take the time to log and organize clips into bins during post-production before assembling scenes and diving into the fine edit.

Be prepared to give up the great shots.

Use your best shots and be prepared to give up great shots that just don’t work

Listen to your audience and follow your heart.