The Groomsmen
The Groomsmen
Edward Burns’ The Groomsmen (2006).

Gone with the Wind in the morning and The Dukes of Hazzard just before wrap. You can’t take way too much time with stuff—you have to pick and choose what your vital scenes are to get done because you have a finite time to get them done in (unless you’re Stanley Kubrick).
If you find yourself doing a night shoot, and you’ve realized that they’ve been trying to light and insert something floating for eight hours, and you realize that you have this huge three-page, really intense scene that now they’re going to have to shoot in a oner, you should make sure that the scheduling reflects the importance of what you have to get done.

It’s better to work in places that don’t have insane craft service. So that, between like 80 set-ups during the day, you don’t eat 400 handfuls of M&Ms and wonder why the fuck you’ve gained 80 pounds.

I’ve always thought that people’s fear of working kept them from doing a lot of very interesting things. There are a lot of actors that I wish you could see more of but they just don’t like working that way. I would do two movies a day if I could, in different places, in half the time.