Frank Coraci and Adam Sandler
Frank Coraci and Adam Sandler on the set of Click (2006). Photo: Columbia Pictures.

If you can shed your ego and get other people to help you, you all benefit more in the end. I think that could be applied to anything in life. But the good thing as the director is that you get so much of the credit in the end anyway. 

Great achievements first start out as the impossible. I think I actually got that from a fortune cookie. But after coming out of film school and having the fear that making a movie is unfathomable and overwhelming, it’s an amazing feeling to know you can finally do it. That also can apply for anything you do in life. And life is more fulfilling when you take impossible challenges head on.

You don’t fail until you stop trying. There’s no way every time you go to do something that it will be a success. And if it is, you probably haven’t really challenged yourself. My dad told me that, but the funny thing is he doesn’t remember that he did.

Eighty percent of all statistics that you read or hear are made up on the spot.

Don’t listen to critics, unless they are from people who actually do what they are critiquing. Other filmmakers should be the ones who review movies. Same thing with music, restaurants, etc. I think it would be a lot harder for them to irresponsibly slam people’s hard work if they knew what it was like to passionately work a couple of years on something. (Disregard the above statement if a critic gives CLICK or any of my other movies a great review).