On The Job of an Editor

You have the courage of your convictions. When you’re
editing you have to make thousands of decisions every day and if
you dither over them all the time, you’ll never get anything done.

You just have to discipline yourself to view material
all the way through, like an actor learning your lines.

On the Disappearance of the Master Shot

I actually sometimes miss my master shot, only because
sometimes I like to pull back. When I’m on a close up, and the scene
is very tense, it’s really nice to pull back for a minute and lose
a bit of the tension so that you can build it up again. But you
don’t always get the material for that these days.

On Too Many Close-Ups

It’s like banging your head on a wall.

On Editing On Instinct

You shouldn’t be held in by rules. If something is
right for a film you use it; who cares if it’s old fashion or whatever?
It’s right for that moment so you use it.

On Finding the Rhythm of a Film

I seem to get the rhythm from the performancesÉ
I like to feel I’m very much an actor’s editor. I look very much
to the performances and cut very much for performances rather than
the action. I think that’s important, what’s in the eyes of the

On Previews

I hate them more than I hate anything else that I
can possibly think of.


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