Jonathan Pryce and Sarah Wynter

Jonathan Pryce as “Gustav Mahler”
with Sarah Wynter as “Alma Mahler” in Bruce Beresford’s historical
drama Bride of the Wind.

On Seeing the Big Picture

I like to direct each scene knowing it’s part
of a much bigger fabric.

On Rehearsing Actors

If you rehearse them too much, they get stale. You need a certain flexibility.

On Film as a Collaborative Effort

If you have a DP or a designer who really opposes
you, you will end up making three different films.

On Using Color to Reflect Mood

You can make colors cold or warm; you can use them
to reflect mood. I have done things with the cameraman where the
character was lonely or upset and we sort of blued the room; made
all the colors rather cold and unpleasant. Not in an obvious
way, but it reinforces the way a character feels.


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