Happy Accidents

Happy Accidents

On the Instinctive Formula

you want to learn what kind of a filmmaker you are then trust your
artistic instincts first, commercial instincts second and parents’
instincts last. If you want to make a lot of money, reverse these.

On Challenging the Audience

better to challenge the audience and lose then pander to their every
whim and win.

On the Definition of Independent Moviemaking

Deeming a film “independent” is just a matter
of opinion rather then a definition based on tangibles like budget,
cast, P&A budget, critics notices, etc.

On Avoiding Pigeonholes

deciding your next project, it’s more satisfying to defy audience
expectations then to get pigeonholed by them. Always reinvent yourself.

On Making Decisions on the Set

take you are certain is the best while shooting often turns out
to be least exciting take in the editing room. The moral here: print

On Actors

are two kinds of actors : the ones that get better the more takes
you shoot, and the ones that get worse.

On the Importance of Craft Services

Good casting is over half the battle. Good writing
is another quarter. Good craft services finishes the job.

On Good Casting

you’ve cast the film correctly, then the best thing you can do for
the actors and yourself while shooting is to stay out of their way
and concentrate instead on keeping the atmosphere on your set pleasant.
I.e. if it works, don’t fix it.

On the Emotional Rollercoaster

is entirely possible to hate your film in the morning and fall in
love with it again by that afternoon. This usually happens late
in the editing process.

On Scheduling

is simply never enough time, no matter how prepared you are.

On Being Pessimistic

the worst… then even the small victories seem charmed.

On the Importance of Sound

underestimate the importance of the sound guy.