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Things I’ve Learned As A Moviemaker

Things I’ve Learned As A Moviemaker

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The Art of Storytelling

Make sure the story is something that means enough
to you to spend four years of your life working on.

I think it’s really important to always keep
in mind that you are an outsider and if you’re trying to make
something that’s realistic, you need to do a certain amount
of work to make sure that it’s alright.

Directing on Instinct

If you have an instinct about something you’ve
really got to act on it otherwise it’s going to be too late.

About Inspiration

Make a film because it’s important to you, not
because you’re just trying to make a film.

Working With Actors

Really respect them, give them time and work with
them a lot before you actually get in front of the camera.

The Desire to Direct

For me, a lot of it is selfish; a lot of it is what
can I do to expand my own horizons and learn something new in my
own life? That was a big part of this – make new friends
and travel to new places; kind of like the Army, but less rigorous.

First-Time Moviemakers

To me, you deserve a little bit of time to learn your
craft and make your way and make your mistakes. I feel like I’m
doing that. Hopefully my next film will be even better.

Influential Directors

I think two filmmakers who really mean a lot to me
are Cassavetes and Spike Lee. They’re really, really different
filmmakers – they’re both kind of in your face – but one of
them is extremely about the personal, inner life and the other is
much more about the outer world and how we interact.


Our Song (2001)
Girls Town (1996)

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