Built in 1494 during the reign of Henry VII, the Square Tower has had a varied history, it was designed as part of the fortifications to protect the rapidly expanding Naval Port.The tower was also used as the home of the Governor of Portsmouth, a semaphore signaling tower, a provisions store for the Royal Navy and as a gunpowder store. The Tower was originally built as part of the fortifications and was home to the Governor of Portsmouth. Around 1584 it was converted into a store for gunpowder but in 1642, during the English Civil War the town’s governor threatened to blow up the gunpowder in the Square Tower which would have destroyed half of the town so the gunpowder was relocated and in 1779 the tower then became home to The Royal Navy’s meat store.

Although the public have had only limited access to this hidden gem in the heart of Old Portsmouth in recent times, this is all set to change. The tower is now under new management and is set to be given a new lease of life.

This historic setting is perfect for a wedding, business meetings, product launches, fairs, art exhibitions and workshops.

The Lower Hall can seat up to 100 people and the Upper Hall can accommodate up to 80 people. Both of these rooms can be configured to suit your particular event.