directed by Peter Cornwell
PG-13; 92 minutes

Based on a true story, this chilling tale describes the horrors experienced by the Campbell family when the serious illness of teenager Matt (Kyle Gallner) forces them to rent a home near the hospital where he is being treated for cancer. His mother (Virginia Madsen), along with his little brother and his cousins, have moved in, but dad (Martin Donovan) stays back home in order to keep his job. From the beginning, Matt sees some weird things, but if he admits to hallucinations, he may lose his place as a candidate for the experimental treatment he’s receiving. Soon the visions increase in frequency as well as in horrible intensity. The family finds out that the house used to be a mortuary where gory events took place, and eventually the ghosts of the dead are experienced by the whole family. They seek help from a dying minister (Elias Koteas) who thinks he may have it all figured out. But does he?

DVD Extras: Commentaries; Deleted Scenes; Featurettes include “The Fear is Real: Re-Investigating the Haunting.”

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