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The Golden Ticket for Wonka Lovers

The Golden Ticket for Wonka Lovers

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If you’ve ever craved a Scrumdidilyumptious bar, steered clear of those with the name Slugworth, wondered why Grandpas Joe and George and Grandmas Josephina and Georgina slept in one bed, hummed a few bars of “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket,” licked your own wallpaper to see what flavor it might be or explained how to counteract the effects of a fizzy lifting drink, then Pure Imagination: The Making of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory ($29.95; St. Martin’s Press) should move immediately to the top of your “next book to buy” list.

Written by Mel Stuart, director of the 1971 cult/family classic, and Entertainment Weekly contributor Josh Young, the book is to Wonka fans what the Chocolate River was to Augustus Gloop: Absolute indulgence. The book provides a photographic exploration of both the hardcore details of the making of the film (from pre-production to post), as well as the movie’s aftermath and rise to its iconic state in pop culture history. With exclusive interviews, bits of trivia and relatively unknown facts about the production (including the logic behind the Oompa-Loompas’ orange face/green hair appearance), Pure Imagination is a pastiche of facts, figures and fun for diehard fans of the film and newfound admirers alike.

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