FilmHaus, the respected online film festival born in 2020, has ushered in a new era of management and innovation. Earlier this year, the prestigious event was acquired by FILMFINITY SL. The acquisition sees seasoned screen actor, director, and visionary entrepreneur, Adrian Perez – former Disney manager and current CEO & Founder of Filmfinity – take the helm.

With Perez’s astute leadership, the FilmHaus brand is projected to thrive further. Filmfinity’s mission of consolidating administrative, creative, and marketing initiatives across multiple film festivals will not only amplify operational efficiency but also nurture a Filmfinity Fund. This fund is currently valued at $10,000 and aims to provide financial support to independent filmmakers. With an increased value projection of $25,000 for next year, Perez’s ambition is clear: Make Filmfinity a flagship streaming platform and a beacon for independent cinema.

FilmHaus, recognized by IMDb, offers filmmakers a robust virtual FilmFest, distinguished film awards, and professional reviews. Under Perez’s directive, the festival envisions a future physical event, albeit maintaining its dominance in the online space.

Embracing an ethos reminiscent of a German circus, FilmHaus champions the unusual, the innovative, and the avant-garde in cinema. Its focus on eccentric films that defy mainstream sensibilities makes it a sanctuary for authentic cinematic expression. Adapting to a growing demand for rapid recognition, FilmHaus evolved from an annual to a triannual festival. In a world where distribution deals are rapidly sealed with streaming platforms, FilmHaus acts as an immediate elevation to a film’s status.

Central to the festival’s success is its jury, a blend of accomplished individuals who are stalwarts in the cinema world. Including the likes of Sven Oliver Kuerten from Warner Bros; Calvin Burke; Rosanna and Roberto Puzzo; Karl and Carl Bruchhäuser; Karel Tuytschaever; J.M. Logan; Keith Arem; Jennifer Karlsson; and Michael Schilf, the ensemble guarantees an objective and expert adjudication process.

With genres centered on the experimental and the underground, FilmHaus celebrates films that challenge convention. For further details, please visit

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