Spending time in New Jersey makes you understand why the state is the backdrop
to many great TV shows and films. The state offers a perfect setting for top-notch
series and movies to drama-packed and entertaining reality shows.

The city has got it all: suburbs for storylines for disaffected youngsters, striking
towns and streets for crime thrillers, beautiful beaches for summer movies and
shows, and more.

We have ranked some of the best movies and shows created in New Jersey. So, if
you want to immerse yourself in such shows, below are great choices.

The Walking Dead: Dead City

The Dead City is one of the latest films filmed at several New Jersey locations,
including Newark, Central Jersey, and the Meadows Arena. It’s a post-apocalyptic
horror film under the Walking Dead franchise first aired by AMC.

The Garden City has an appealing allure that attracts filmmakers. In addition to
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If you happen to visit some of the locations featured in The Dead City, be sure to
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The Sopranos

The series is one of the most famous set in New Jersey. Its captivating and
suspenseful storyline is among the highlights that make the series a favorite to
many. The series started in 1999 and ended in 2007.

The Sopranos is about an Italian-American mafia boss, Tony Soprano, who
struggles to manage his criminal and family life. His struggles are explored more
during his therapy session, which he seeks to understand the meaning of his life.


The show takes place at a fictitious teaching hospital in New Jersey. It is a medical
drama centered around Dr. Gregory, a genius diagnostician and revolves mostly around
his time at the hospital.

The show is loved and hated almost for its unconventional and, to some extent,
unethical tactfulness when handling rare medical conditions. House first aired
in 2004, and it ran on Fox all the way to 2012.

The fictional hospital in the series is based on the Yale-New Haven Hospital. While
the hospital may not be a New Jersey facility, establishing shots at Princeton-
Plainsboro Teaching Hospital were at Princeton University’s Frist Campus Center.
Additionally, in the sixth season, Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital, based in Morris
Plains, New Jersey, is central to the show’s storyline.

Boardwalk Empire

This is an American crime drama TV series produced by Terence Winter that aired
on HBO from 2010 to 2014. The series is mostly set in New Jersey, specifically
Atlantic City.

It takes place during the 1920s prohibition era. The drama centers around Enock
Thompson, a highly corrupt and powerful treasurer. Thompson is based on a real-
life AC crime character, Enoch L. Johnson.

The series is quite entertaining, and the cast, especially the main character, did a
commendable job. The show itself has an engaging and dramatic storyline as it
showcases the extravagant lifestyles of organized crime of notorious figures.

While the show wasn’t filmed at the actual boardwalk in Atlantic City, the designer
created a historically accurate set piece that will make everyone believe the series
actually takes place at the city’s boardwalk.

Avengers: End Game

The world is in ruins following the devastating impacts of Avengers: Infinity War.
The remaining allies join hands in an attempt to fight Thanos and restore the
universe to its original state.

Marvel Studios produced the film, and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
distributed it to the public. End Game is entertaining, emotionally impactful, and
thrilling, which makes the audience love it.

The film delivers a satisfying and much-anticipated finale to Marvel’s Infinity Saga.
It features familiar faces in the film industry. Its action-packed plot and
suspenseful twists are a reward to the series fans for their undying adoration and

Camp Lehigh is among the New Jersey locations seen in the film. It’s where the
powerful Space Stone needed to restore the universe is stored. Lastly, the movie
is available on premium Disney+. Alternatively, you can rent or buy it from
Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, or Vudu.


The series premiered on Hulu in 2019 and ran for only three seasons. It had a
huge fan base, and many are still questioning whether additional seasons are
possible. That indicates how much people loved this New Jersey-inspired show.

Ramy Youssef, its titular character, created the series. Youssef’s real-life
experiences inspired the creation of this show, giving it a quite relatable and
exciting storyline.

Ramy grew up in Rutherford, New Jersey, and being of Egyptian descent, he faced
endless struggles in his attempt to fit in an American society. His struggles are
well depicted in the series and they act as the plot for the most part of the show.

The show focuses on the challenges an Egyptian American faces while trying to fit
in a society with conflicting ideologies and lifestyles about his millennial approach
to life and his family’s expectations as a Muslim.


The series is one of the latest projects filmed in New Jersey. The plot unfolds in
Westview, New Jersey, and the most interesting part about the series is that each
episode takes place in a new decade.

Moreover, Westview keeps changing throughout the series to reflect the
particular era and its latest trends. The suburban setting in the series serves a
significant role in establishing the film’s tone.

The show itself was not filmed in New Jersey. However, it makes it to this list
because the state’s aesthetic views are fully displayed with subtle and less subtle

You will see the state’s highways, unmistakable architecture, its flag, and a
‘Welcome to New Jersey’ post. The series setting is recognizable, even though it
was filmed in Atlanta.

You can watch the series on Disney+. Currently, there’s only one season, and it’s
not yet clear if more seasons will be filmed.