Following stunning allegations that the world’s most famous and trusted TV survival host fakes his entire show, Tex Montana strives to overcome the rumors by documenting 30 days of solo survival in the remote wilderness.

Sound intriguing? That’s the plot of Tex Montana Will Survive!, the newest film from co-directors Jeremy Gardner and Christian Stella (who made 2012’s zombie thriller The Battery). Fed up with the traditional waiting period of feature film distribution, the filmmakers finished their movie and embarked on an unusual release method. They decided that if they could raise enough money through crowdfunding, they’d give the film away on the Internet for free under a Creative Commons license. They met their goal of $50,000 in March, and the full film will live online forever.

Check out the article about the decision to release the film here, and watch the full movie, Tex Montana Will Survive!, below.

Other ways to watch the film, from the Tex Montana Will Survive! official website:

Tex Montana Will Survive! has been officially released in 3 levels of quality (all 3 are 1080p, but have different levels of compression). Streams will be the lowest quality. The 3.8GB file-size is medium quality and perfect for playing off of thumb drives that have a 4GB file limit (many thumb drives do). The 7.5GB file size is the best quality and nearly indistinguishable from blu-ray quality. Here is how to get them:

Jeremy Gardner, director-star of Tex Montana Will Survive!

Jeremy Gardner, director-star of Tex Montana Will Survive!

Enjoy! MM