Ted Lasso Phil Dunster Brett Goldstein

Brett Goldstein and Phil Dunster play rival characters on Ted Lasso, but they’re united in their appreciation for what the show has taught them about leadership.

The series, developed by Bill Lawrence, Jason Sudeikis, Joe Kelly, and Brendan Hunt, stars Sudeikis as lovable Kansas football coach Ted Lasso, who has no experience with what much of the world calls “football” and we Americans call soccer.

Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham) hires Lasso to coach AFC Richmond, the British soccer team her ex-husband lost to her in a divorce. Lasso buoyantly responds to obstacle after obstacle, learning the game, high-fiving trees, and navigating an increasingly bitter rivalry between Goldstein and Dunster’s characters.

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In the interview above, MovieMaker‘s Micah Khan asks at the 15:20 mark what they both learned from working on Ted Lasso.

“I’ll give you the earnest answer,” says Dunster, who plays hotshot striker Jamie Tartt. “I think I learned that leadership can be wholehearted and honorable, and it’s not shouting and telling people what to do. It’s being open to others ideas.”

That describes Ted Lasso’s coaching style, but also the creative process on the show.

“It’s a big show, and having the bravery to listen to other people’s ideas, who may not have the experience — but they’re there for a reason. They’ve got people on the show for a reason. And trusting in that, I think, in a creative sense … I think that I really learned from watching people like Brett and people like Jason and Bill Lawrence and Brendan, and Joe Kelly. I think I really learned that.”

Don’t worry, the interview isn’t too sincere. Here’s what Goldstein — who also writes for Ted Lasso — learned from his experience on the series.

“I’ve learned that I’m a fucking spoiled little shit, because this show is so good to work on that  I worry I won’t be able to to be on a different thing. Because if it’s not as good as this, I’ll be like, no, it sucks,” he laughs. “The entire cast, the entire crew, everyone. it’s boring to say, but there’s so much love for each other. … Everyone is working really, really hard and putting all of their best selves into it. And I’ve learned a lot about acting and all sorts from working with these amazing people.”

He adds: “I don’t want to ever do anything that’s less good than this…. I’m depressed already.”

Season 2 of Ted Lasso arrives on Apple TV+ on July 23.

Main Image: Phil Dunster (left) and Brett Goldstein in Ted Lasso.